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Precision Scissor w/ Pouch

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The new 'Viva la Brow' precision scissor makes the brows look sculpted and defined by trimming long strays of hairs. They are shaped for ease use by gently squeezing the handles.

Viva la Brow scissors are as light as a breeze so forget about uncomfortable wrist positions. They are made from the highest quality stainless steel AISI- 410 grade with a beautiful infused iridescent rainbow plasma coating. 

Tool Care 
Thanks to its unique properties such as durability and low maintenance, stainless steel is not only the strongest but also resistant to corrosion. 

However, things could happen! The best way to keep your tools in good condition is to disinfect the tips with Isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use

For Cosmetologist  /Aesthetician
Submerge your tools in an EPA Registered Hospital Grade disinfectant for 10 mints. Then, dry them carefully with a fiber cloth or tissue paper to remove any stains. (Don't drop your tools). 

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Latina owned business. 
Made and packed with love ready to find a new brow artist and #Slay one brow at a time with that #Browaholic style.

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Our beautiful 'Eyebrow Tools' are made from the highest quality stainless steel and the most mesmerizing rainbow coat.

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